Planning on Purchasing a Riding Arena? Read Here Before You Do.

Are you considering whether  to build a riding arena?  Planning and building an arena can be enjoyable and exciting. And they make for a terrific addition to a custom-built horse barn. Here are a few things to consider prior to purchasing.

Planning Your Riding Arena:

for starters, it’s best to talk to someone who has experience in designing, erecting and constructing an indoor arena.
Note: One thing to consider is that most people who own an arena spend a great deal of time and money on facility management.

Arena Sizes & Arena Usage

The type of riding being done will determine the required size. For example, a standard multipurpose arena is around 70’ x 200’, whereas a driving arena is typically 130’ x 260’. The larger designs listed below are also considered standard sizes.
Typical Arena Sizes:
Standard Riding Arena
  • 70’x130’ or 9,100 Square feet
  • 70’x200’ or 14,000 Square feet (ideal for Dressage)
  • 100’x200’ or 20,000 Square feet
Driving Arenas
  • 130’x260 or 33,800 Square feet
  • 130’x330 or 42,900 Square feet 
Competition Jumping Arena
  • 660’x660’ or 435,600 Square feet

 Considerations for Sitework

One of the first steps you will need to make is the selection of a suitable location of your riding arena. You will want to select a site that has the following, as a minimum:
  • Firm and level ground
  • Proximity to utilities
  • Easy access
  • Good natural drainage

Benefits of Prefabricated Steel Structure

Potential for future expansion
Modern pre-engineered buildings allow for the maximum amount of unobstructed riding space; no columns, pillars or poles to get in the way. Buildings can be engineered to be 200′ wide with an infinite length.
Most pre-engineered steel structures can be delivered to your site pre-drilled, cut, welded and ready to assemble. Additionally, your prefab steel building should come with an instruction manual, like a large 3D jigsaw puzzle, to assist in the erection of the structure in a step-by-step method. Easy construction is one of the decisive advantages to building with steel with 70 percent of the work being done offsite, many consumers can build the structure themselves, saving big money on labor costs!
Prefabricated riding arenas are also very durable. As a result, most manufacturing companies are willing to offer multi-year warranties on arenas and arena barn combination buildings.  It’s not unusual to find 25-year warranties on rust perforation, as well as 40-year warranties on wall coating and trims, while some special products such as fasteners can even come with a lifetime warranty.

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