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A Prefab Building for a House of Worship?

Prefabricated House of Worship. Whether you are looking to expand to a larger house of worship or break ground for the first time, a prefabricated steel building is most likely your answer. Regardless of your faith, a prefabricated building will transform your dreams into a reality while keeping it affordable.  Below are a few reasons to consider a prefabricated steel building for a house of worship.
Custom Design: A prefabricated building can be custom designed to your congregation’s needs, ensuring that a prefabricated building can serve the congregations for years to come. The appearance of your house of worship can be customized. There are several types of external finishes, including brickwork, stone, masonry, wood siding, stucco, and stained-glass windows if you’d like! Additionally, prefab steel buildings can accommodate most uses, such as:
Meeting hallsRecreational centersClassroomsNursery or preschoolDining hallOffices
Many of these additions can be achieved with a pre-fabricat…

Things to Consider Before Purchasing an Indoor Sports Complex

Indoor Sports Complex An indoor sports complex is perfect for indoor track, basketball, indoor football, gymnastics, soccer, lacrosse, tennis, equestrian facilities and professional sporting teams. Let us go over a few things to consider when purchasing.
Zoning: Ensuring that your indoor Sports Complex is properly zoned is an absolute must. This can impact you beyond being able to build. Your building department should be the first stop before purchasing a Sports Complex. Your local building department can help guide you with all the necessary rules for permitting your project. Parking requirements: Some would think this is not a big deal, however, parking extends beyond accommodating customer’s cars. Parking lots can be used to host events outside of your prefab sports complex. Additionally, the added space could be used to extend a game or indoor activity from inside to out. Ceiling height: A minimum ceiling height of 24’ is needed for any indoor prefabricated sports complex. Dependin…