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Five Requirements for Man Caves We Think You Should Know.

A Man Cave Must Haves The Man Cave. The Bro Den. The Guy Sty. Most men long for a place to call their own. A place we can disconnect, kick back, and enjoy life. A place to keep all our favorite stuff and do what we want.  From football games to jam sessions, video games to action movies, we need a space free from the wife’s finishing touches. No room in the house for your male person cave? Fear no more, bro… Prefabricated structures are here to make your dreams come true.

Here are our top 5 items we think are required for the ultimate Man Cave:A Sign – The quintessential Man Cave accessory. Custom made or store bought, a sign can be made or purchased to let your guests know exactly where they are. Announce house rules, or team favorites, signs let everyone know what’s up. And don’t forget the exit sign, telling friends to come back, with a six pack.
The Bar- Men need brew. Men get thirsty. Men drink stuff. Soda, water, beer, whiskey, energy drinks, what have you- your man cave needs to…

4 Reasons to Choose steel vs concrete

Steel vs Concrete
Living in South Florida means year-round-sunshine, beautiful beaches and being surrounded by concrete structures; no thanks to all the hurricanes we see. Knowing what I know about new, or old for that matter, construction leads me to believe that many developers, contractors and investors might not know the inherent benefits to a solid steel structure. So we put together 4 reasons to choose steel vs concrete.  1. Savings (Both time and money): As with most things in life, cost plays a significant role in any new construction project. metal vs concrete can be less expensive to build and maintain. Less structural members are required due to the high strength nature of steel. Which means fewer materials needed to erect a steel structure which saves time and money on construction cost and labor.
2. Design: When it comes to design and having to choose between steel vs concrete, structural steel can be developed with almost any design in mind. Stone, wood and other materi…

Turnkey Prefabricated Steel Buildings

Turnkey Prefabricated Steel Buildings In the hustle and bustle of their daily lives, consumers try and simplify things. They go to stores that have everything they could be possibly need because there is simply not enough time in the day. Businesses are starting to pick up on the needs of their shoppers and adding a more diverse inventory to their stores.
Construction companies are jumping on this band wagon of having a one stop shop as well. Steel Buildings, in particular, are offering a wide range of services that will allow the customer to feel more at ease and not as stressed when purchasing and erecting a building. Building manufacturers are first and foremost trying to up their sales within the market, especially with steel being at such high price these days. This also allows their customers the ease of only having to deal with one person throughout the whole ordeal of creating the building and figuring out what is needed. In previous years, small business owners had a guy for …

Why Prefabricated Grow Houses for Your Commercial Agricultural Facility | Coastal Steel Structures

Prefabricated buildings manufacturing is a process of construction in which a building is constructed off-site, using the similar materials and designed to codes and standards that conventional buildings are made to stand up to.

Why Prefabricated Grow Houses for Your Commercial Agricultural Facility | Coastal Steel Structures