Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Five Requirements for Man Caves We Think You Should Know.

A Man Cave Must Haves

The Man Cave. The Bro Den. The Guy Sty. Most men long for a place to call their own. A place we can disconnect, kick back, and enjoy life. A place to keep all our favorite stuff and do what we want.  From football games to jam sessions, video games to action movies, we need a space free from the wife’s finishing touches. No room in the house for your male person cave? Fear no more, bro… Prefabricated structures are here to make your dreams come true.

Here are our top 5 items we think are required for the ultimate Man Cave:

  1. A Sign – The quintessential Man Cave accessory. Custom made or store bought, a sign can be made or purchased to let your guests know exactly where they are. Announce house rules, or team favorites, signs let everyone know what’s up. And don’t forget the exit sign, telling friends to come back, with a six pack.

  1. The Bar- Men need brew. Men get thirsty. Men drink stuff. Soda, water, beer, whiskey, energy drinks, what have you- your man cave needs to be able to provide beverages. And, besides the drink, having the ability to have friends pull up a chair and sit at your bar is just dope. How many life struggles are discussed over the comfort of camaraderie at a bar. What if that bar was your own, in your own Man Cave.

  1. Furnishings- Finally one room in the house where you have the first and final say. You want leather lazy boy chairs, or a bat man lamp shade. DO IT!! Be sure to have enough comfortable seating for all your buds to enjoy, while chilling in your Man Cave.

  1. Game Room- Poker table, pool table, dart board, foosball, pin ball machine, whatever tickles your inner gamer, be sure to have it in your Man Cave. These classic games are tried and true, and the ultimate Man Cave staples.

  1. Television- Let’s face it, we live in the technology world. So, obviously your man cave needs a proper television to complete the room. The upgrades here are endless, so it’s up to you on how big you go. Smart TV, LED, OLED, 4K, HDR, 4K Ultra HD, or even just the old TV that didn’t make the cut in the rest of the house. Doesn’t matter. Just get a TV in your Man Cave. It’s a necessity.

Not Just a Man Cave!

This is just the start of the possibilities for your Man Cave. Having the added space can be used for an array of things, from an out of town guest, to large house parties. Having a prefabricated structure on your property is one of the most cost-efficient ways to create more space. Not only will it add value to your home, but also value to your life.

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

4 Reasons to Choose steel vs concrete

Steel vs Concrete

Living in South Florida means year-round-sunshine, beautiful beaches and being surrounded by concrete structures; no thanks to all the hurricanes we see. Knowing what I know about new, or old for that matter, construction leads me to believe that many developers, contractors and investors might not know the inherent benefits to a solid steel structure. So we put together 4 reasons to choose steel vs concrete. 

1. Savings (Both time and money):

As with most things in life, cost plays a significant role in any new construction project. metal vs concrete can be less expensive to build and maintain. Less structural members are required due to the high strength nature of steel. Which means fewer materials needed to erect a steel structure which saves time and money on construction cost and labor.

2. Design:

When it comes to design and having to choose between steel vs concrete, structural steel can be developed with almost any design in mind. Stone, wood and other materials can be incorporated into the structure with ease. Need to install a large bifold hanger door? Want the outer finished in cultured stone with 10’ tall parapets? A steel structure can handle such design requests.

3. Durability:

Steel is dimensionally more durable than concrete. Steel will not warp, split or crack when exposed to the elements. When concrete and concrete block are exposed to moisture they will shrink and form cracks.

4. Eco-friendly:

Concrete is primarily made from sand and stone. And, once concrete and concrete block are constructed they cannot be recycled or reused. On the other hand, nearly 100% of steel structures are made from recycled steel and can be reused well after the building’s lifespan.

So, to recap, in choosing to use steel vs concrete you are saving money and shorting your construction time. Additionally, you can design your building to meet your needs and overall appearance while extending the lifecycle of your building. And most importantly, by choosing steel over concrete you are limiting your impact on the planet by keeping green.
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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Turnkey Prefabricated Steel Buildings

Turnkey Prefabricated Steel Buildings

In the hustle and bustle of their daily lives, consumers try and simplify things. They go to stores that have everything they could be possibly need because there is simply not enough time in the day. Businesses are starting to pick up on the needs of their shoppers and adding a more diverse inventory to their stores.
Construction companies are jumping on this band wagon of having a one stop shop as well. Steel Buildings, in particular, are offering a wide range of services that will allow the customer to feel more at ease and not as stressed when purchasing and erecting a building. Building manufacturers are first and foremost trying to up their sales within the market, especially with steel being at such high price these days. This also allows their customers the ease of only having to deal with one person throughout the whole ordeal of creating the building and figuring out what is needed. In previous years, small business owners had a guy for this or that but today it has become more difficult to seek out the proper accessories and manual laborers to get jobs done.

Turnkey for Business, Not Just Residential

When speaking about turnkey it is normal to think about the housing market, coming fully built and fully finished. This is not the case in the Prefabricated Steel Building industry. Prefab metal companies may be able to furnish a facility for you if that is what you desire, even though it is not their forte. Basically, what is happening when you purchase a turnkey prefabricated steel building is that you are purchasing all items that are needed for erection through one source. (Which allows for small business to still flourish if that is a concern)
• Manufacturer/Prefabrication – THIS WILL BE YOUR POINT MAN. Being assigned a project manager to speak with regarding all options within the building such as where openings will be, color choices, proper bracing within the building, and the ability to answer any questions.
• Concrete Engineer – When working closely with the factory and the engineers that are manufacturing the steel for the building, the ability for more communication and less interpretation can occur. This will help to insure that the project is ready to go as soon as the steel arrives on site.
• Insulation – When purchasing insulation through the company that the prefab steel building kit will be coming from, it will be easy to coordinate deliveries so everything can come on the same day or be staggered. Whatever works best for you!
• Erector/General Contractor – This will give assist in the erecting process moving faster and getting the building up. Having an erector that can follow the whole process while everything is going on and not just seeing it once it is delivered is extremely beneficial to the owner and the erector.
• Accessories - When looking for doors, windows, vents and other types of accessories, normally they are located in separate stores. When having a turnkey prefab metal building constructed for you, all that needs to be done and state what is needed and everything will arrive with the building.

One Stop Shop

Each one of these service can be costly and time consuming. Having the ability to only have to speak to one person until the actual time of erection can bring the owner of the building peace of mind. Just think that instead of setting up meetings and having to go over and interpret the meaning of certain drawings, you only have to deal with one person.
Having everything come in a nice, neat package is much more appealing than having to run around filling a basket of what you think you need. Turnkey projects allow for work to be done elsewhere that would normally get tossed to the side when purchasing and erecting a prefab building.
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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Why Prefabricated Grow Houses for Your Commercial Agricultural Facility | Coastal Steel Structures

Prefabricated buildings manufacturing is a process of construction in which a building is constructed off-site, using the similar materials and designed to codes and standards that conventional buildings are made to stand up to.

Why Prefabricated Grow Houses for Your Commercial Agricultural Facility | Coastal Steel Structures

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Pre-Built Steel Residential Homes: From Past to Present

In the housing market, buyers are looking for either the “ultra-modern” look or more of a rustic charm. While looking at the “ultra-modern” look, buyers are also going for smaller in size and price to fit into their lives of leisure. Buyers are turning to prefabricated metal to build their dream homes at a lower cost and in a timelier fashion. What today’s generations does not realize is that the tiny home phenomenon and prefab houses craze is nothing new; it has been around for years! Some may remember a time when metal buildings were engendered for the “American dream: They were called Lustron homes. These built to last homes were created for our very own “built to last” U.S. war veterans coming home from WWII. Around 12 million came home to a housing crisis and were left homeless either alone or with their families. President Truman look to the builders unions and basically forced them to find a way to create housing. The answer to the problem was Pre-fabricated Steel Buildings. A man by the name of Carl Strandlund took on the responsibility of mass producing the “American Dream.” These houses are still standing today, trying to be made into historical land marks. The largest sets know of in one area totaled in 60 prefabricated homes was on a military base in Quantico. They recently have been knocked down to build new homes for soldiers and their families living on base.
“For many groups, the idea of mass-producing the world’s biggest commodity—a house—was an extremely tempting and provocative idea,” claims producer and architect, Bill Ferehawk. “Lustron could have been the silver bullet that solved social problems by providing quality affordable houses for the common man.”

               Now we by no means live in the era that those of the late 1940’s after WWII lived in, but there is a state of urgency for homes that last and that are cost effective. Cost effectiveness then and now are the leading factors in why Steel Buildings are being sought after so vigorously. The cost of living has gone up along with the booming housing market; you can’t blame people for trying to go the easier, softer way. Purchasing a Prefabricated Steel Residential Building comes with safety and security that you just can’t buy in this day and age.

The Most Affordable Home Solutions
               The first sense of security is finical security. Prefab Steel Buildings are the perfect economic solution for home buyers. Steel Buildings are easily erected so that the hassle and long work hours of constructing a structure can be a thing of the past. Building a home does not need to be a financial burden.  Depending on the size of the home that you want to build, the cost of the home can be as low as $20,000. Within the building you have a number of different options that can be done. Steel Structures are built using Ridged frames to hold them up, this give an obstruction-free space, meaning that the entire square footage of the house is actually yours to play to with. There are not any columns separating areas that could ruin the whole layout of the home. People today that are leaning towards prefabricated metal residential homes or even tiny homes are not looking at them as they did in the past, they want to be able to put their own stamp on a home.

               Next is having the security of safety. Prefabricated homes are engineered to withstand the harshest environments. This is why the prefab homes that were built in the 40’s and 50’s are still standing and its neighboring house has been knocked down long ago. Take into consideration that our weather has been changing and we have been getting hit with storms worse than usual.  The paneling that is used when putting a face on the home is manufactured to create a seal that assists in keeping moisture out. This will effectively help with energy cost of heating and cooling the home, just another pulse when going with this type of building material. Whether you are going tiny or normal sized you can be sure that your prefabricated steel structure will be able to last the harsh elements that Mother Nature throws its way.
Safe and Clean
               Lastly, and something that is very important, is the cleanliness of the home. Cleanliness can come in many forms and is definitely something that as a home owner will have to be tended to on its own. However, the fact that the steel isn’t porous and does not hold on to bacteria’s that could seep into the walls like wood makes upkeep all the better. Also, the wall and roof panels are used keep out insects and vermin from nesting. Older homes that are made out of other building materials sometimes need to be knocked down or rebuilt due to damage left from termites. In addition to keeping the moisture out to help with energy cost, a prefab steel residence will also keep mold from growing within the walls. All and all seems like using prebuilt metal building kits is a big win for the housing industry and assisting people in getting a roof over their heads.
               Knowing that a home that you help build will last the test of time, is cost effective, and low in maintenance is something new home buyers or people starting fresh just can’t pass up. If you do not like the look of the steel paneling for the face of your house and want better curb appeal, there are fa├žade options! The possibilities are endless!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

When A Prefabricated Metal Building Floor Plan is Needed Fast

Prefabricated metal building construction is like traditional construction: everyone has a unique design they are looking to have built for their organization.
Conceptual floor plans from an architectural firm can cost from $500 to $3,500 and can take weeks to develop.

Here are 4 tips for getting affordable conceptual site floor plans:

  1. If the prefabricated metal building company keeps a catalog of buildings, similar ones that have previously been built can be examined and adapted based on what has worked for another client. A steel structures company should keep a master catalogue and has floor plans from every project. When an older floor plan is selected, it should always be verified to have been updated to meet current IBC codes.

  1. Prefabricated metal building companies will sometimes have standard models. Maybe one of these floor plans will work for your needs. If not, ask the prefabricated metal building company if they provide conceptual planning as a part of their service.

  1. Projected foot traffic and the amount of space needed should be identified during the design process. Reworking floor plans can take time and slow down a project schedule. Design firms will most likely charge for each rendition, iteration, or version requested.

  1. The heart of architecture and construction, even in the humblest of building projects, is open-mindedness. Sometimes what was thought would be a great idea does not pan out to being a cost-effective design. Design experts are available to share their experience and expertise, and will help to create a design that is both efficient and affordable.

Prefabricated Building Wall Covering Finishes: Help With So Many Choices

Commercial prefabricated building contractors have commonly limited customer choices in wall covering to keep both production costs and build times down. Clients should be aware that they are not limited to a small selection of prefinished wall panels. There are some very attractive options for wall panels in the commercial prefabricated building industry that will brighten the environment in any new prefabricated building.

Tips for choosing a wall covering:

  1. Work within an allotted schedule: some textures and finishes have additional steps which may slow down a schedule by a few days
    2. Work within a budget.
    3. The intended use of a room should be shared with the designers during the design phase of the prefabricated building so that the best solutions can be developed.
    4. As image can often be important, the proper time and energy should be spent working with the preconstruction design team to explore all options.
    5. A design should never just be settled on. If a factory is not entertaining a desired design, or the factory’s design team keeps trying to change the customers mind, than a different factory should be approached. Experienced factories that build custom prefabricated buildings can take care of any style that a customer would want to include.
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Monday, July 17, 2017

Why We Love Prefabricated Schools (And You Should, Too!)

Prefabricated construction projects have been erected everywhere. Prefab steel can be used in the construction of houses, offices, hospital additions, hotels, motels, prefabricated schools. Contractors all over the United States are starting to realize the advantages of building with prefabricated steel are far superior when compared to traditional brick and mortar construction.
The most appealing factors of prefabricated construction are that they are easy to assemble and dismantle, cost effective and very friendly to the environment. Whether it’s a hospital or office, prefabricated buildings are very efficient.
There are several benefits to a prefabricated school building that everyone should consider before they pull the trigger on a regular brick and mortar solution.
Here are six examples:

1. Speedy Construction of prefabricated schools.

One of the bigger upsides to prefabricated schools is the speedy construction, in comparison to a brick and mortar structure. Constructing prefabricated classroom buildings instead of traditional classrooms will speed up the construction process and will make very minimal interference to daily school schedules. Once the prefabricated construction work is done, Coastal Steel Structures will help you with any customization you'll need down the road.

2. Practically no interruptions during class.

Prefabricating classrooms offsite allows a school to continue classes without distraction to the students. Once you have one prefabricated classroom, the rest can be built offsite while classes proceed uninterrupted. Once the classrooms are prefabricated offsite, they can be assembled after class hours over a few days.

3. Great for the school budget.

One of the greater characteristics of a prefab classroom is its cost effectiveness. Building a brick and mortar classroom costs a lot more than a prefab classroom building. When you take into consideration drawing up architectural plans, hiring several contractors, materials etc. it's certainly more affordable to build a prefab classroom. There are a few options that come along with prefab building structures such as purchasing your building New, Pre-Owned, temporarily, or permanently. When it comes to prefabricated buildings absolutely no school has to delay their expansion for classrooms or storage for books due to budget constraints. Prefab construction is effective for the budget and a very long lasting building choice making for a very economically friendly choice.

4. Space Flexibility.

Every prefabricated schools building is designed to be assembled, dismantled and reassembled very easily if need be. The good thing about prefab classrooms are that once they're built if at anytime in the future you need more space, it can be added with ease. We can also build an extension offsite and add it onto the existing construction if necessary.
5. Energy Efficiency.
The fact that you can design every prefabricated schools complex to a detailed specification makes it extremely easy to include an energy efficient solution. Prefabricated steel buildings use natural ventilation instead of circulated air and can also be fitted for solar power options. These options make your building more economically efficient.
6. Build onto  at your convenience.
If a school needs to add things such as science labs, external offices, or classrooms for special education a steel structure can be added as an extension to the original structure to supply these needs.
Schools need to have versatility and flexibility in order to cater to new generations over the years of its existence. Prefab schools create the opportunity for schools to expand with ease. If you can't cater to the needs of your students, what good is a school?
If you're looking for ideas on customization's or other ways to accommodate a new structure at your prefabricated schools, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Coastal Steel Structures is just a phone call away. Call: 1-888-783-3535 (STEEL-35)